What to Wear to Pride 2024


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Graphic by Kayleen Dicuangco

Sasha Colby, Mina Gerges, Lydia Okello and other LGBTQIA2S+ advocates have a few ideas.

Not sure what to wear to Pride 2024? No problem. Whether your vibe is more IRL rainbow, Cowgirl chic or Cate Blanchett from Tár, consider this year’s festivities to be a fashionable free-for-all. So long as you’re committed to serving a lewk, you’ll be sure to be welcomed anywhere and hit that perfect mix of blending in while also standing out. In need of more concrete examples of Pride outfits? Look to these stylish LGBTQIA2S+ advocates for your answer.

Sasha Colby

International Drag Superstar


“This Pride, I’m feeling the happy-hippie vibe. With so much going on in the world, I’m reminded why the hippie movement started: to spread love — much like what Pride does.”

Content Creator

Photography by Blaise Misiek

“My overall vibe for both the summer and Pride is comfortable, colourful cowboy. I’m always drawn to graphic prints, and I’m loving Beyoncé’s visuals for both Renaissance and Cowboy Carter to add the cowboy flair.”

Designer of Gorm

“My style for Pride always involves three things: colour, comfort and captivation. I’m pulling out at least one of my favourite conversation-starter pieces I’ve collected over the years. This year, my ’40s/’50s swimmer caps are calling me.”

Lydia Okello

Content Creator

“Pride always ends up being a bit of a mixed bag — it’s typically hot out, so it’s a battle to wear as little as possible. I’m definitely leaning more into fashion and celebrating the body I have; summer bodies are the bodies we have now.”

Cary Tauben

Fashion Stylist and Personality

Photography via @

“This Pride, I’m going full Cowboy Cary! It’s all about Westernwear this summer: short shorts with cowboy boots and hats. Yee-haw!”

This article first appeared in FASHION’s Summer 2024 issue. Find out more here.

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