These 8 Moves Target Your Abs and Arms — For More Burn For Your Buck


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When it comes to building a well-balanced fitness program, incorporating exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, such as compound exercises, is a great way to be more efficient with the time you spend working out to get more bang for your buck. Two muscle groups you can train together to maximize your workouts and gain strength are your arms and abs.

While your arms and abs may not seem like they have much of a connection, they do. “Exercises that strengthen the arms often engage the abs because many arm movements require trunk stability and support to maintain proper form and balance,” says Mauro S. Maietta, a district fitness manager at Crunch Fitness.

Maietta tells PS that when an exercise engages both your arms and your abs at the same time it will be more efficient, increase functional strength and core and trunk stability, improve coordination, and enhance muscle activation.

“Strong arms and core muscles are essential for performing everyday activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. By strengthening both areas, you improve your ability to perform these tasks safely and effectively, enhancing your overall functional strength and mobility,” he says.

The eight bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for your core and abs below will help you build upper-body strength and increase your stability. You can add the exercises individually into your regular gym routine, or make them a workout by stringing them together: While maintaining good form, perform as many reps as you can of each exercise for 60 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds midway through (after the plank row), and for 60 seconds after the final exercise (the up-down plank). Then repeat three times through.

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