Margot Robbie Is Still in Her Barbie Era


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Photography by Getty Images

From perfectly pink sets to recreations of iconic doll outfits, Margot Robbie is back with an updated run of Barbie looks.

It seems that Margot Robbie may be permanently trapped in Barbie World and, honestly, we’re into it. Although it’s been months since the Barbie movie dominated the zeitgeist, the Australian actress is showing that she’s not ready to let her fashionable character go, wearing a handful of new outfits inspired by the iconic doll.

Of course, it’s no secret that Robbie is an expert at Barbie method dressing, especially considering the stellar run of Barbie-inspired looks she wore during the film’s promotional tour over the summer. But with the help of her stylist Andrew Mukamal, Robbie is back to channelling the doll through both subtly inspired looks and head-to-toe recreations of classic Barbies.

And Robbie can’t help but lean into her iconic character when she’s off-duty, too. Take her recent date night outfit with her husband Thomas Ackerley. While on a date in New York on November 29, Robbie wore a Barbie pink Versace cropped jacket and mini-skirt set. For a glamorous finishing touch, the actress wore bedazzled heels and a sparkly mini Versace handbag.

She channelled Barbie again earlier in the week at the Gotham Awards on November 27, too. Though there was no pink in sight, Robbie donned a sophisticated black ensemble that was directly inspired by a vintage Barbie doll.

Margot Robbie in a Barbie Inspired Outfit
Photography by Getty Images

The elegant, vintage-feeling outfit, which was modelled after the Black Magic Ensemble Barbie from 1964, consisted of a strapless dress and a sheer cape by Prada. Robbie completed the look with leather gloves, large pearl earrings, a gold clutch and, in typical Barbie fashion, Manolo Blahnik open-toe mules.

At an event in Los Angeles on November 18, Robbie wore yet another look that fully resembled a specific doll, this time with a slightly more casual vibe.

Margot Robbie in a Barbie Inspired Outfit
Photography by Getty Images

For this look, Robbie (or, should we say, Barbie) swapped her classic pink accents for pops of this season’s favourite cherry red hue, channelling the 2015 Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie. The sweet daytime outfit involved a white knotted blouse patterned with red flowers and cuffed jeans, both by Bottega Veneta, that bore a striking resemblance to the 2015 doll’s pants. To round out the ensemble, Robbie sported an array of red accessories, including a woven top-handle Bottega bag, a statement belt, and of course, matching Manolo mules.

For an evening screening and Q&A that same day, Robbie went full-on classic Barbie mode with a blush pink sleepover-inspired look consisting of pink feather-trimmed pyjamas by Ukrainian brand Sleeper and (what else?) open-toed baby pink Manolo mules.

Margot Robbie in a Barbie Inspired Outfit
Photography by Getty Images

Earlier that week, the actress attended yet another Barbie screening in a hot pink blazer with a matching pink corset top, straight-leg jeans and Barbie-esque, Versace pumps.

While she’s proven that her commitment to method dressing as the iconic character is something that she takes very seriously, it seems that Robbie and Mukamal have made a conscious effort to ensure that the actress’ looks for other non-Barbie-related appearances are distinctly separate from the doll’s dainty style.

Case in point, while promoting the new Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan film Saltburn, which she produced, Robbie has been seen in a variety of darker, more intense looks, so different from her usual pink ensembles that they would probably send Barbie into a dark existential spiral (IYKYK).

At the film’s November 14 Los Angeles premiere, Robbie wore a sheer black corset top and edgy unbuttoned, wide-leg suede trousers by Schiaparelli that fit the tone of the gothic thriller while being worlds apart from a typical Barbie look.

To attend the 2023 Variety Power of Women event on November 16, Robbie wore chocolate brown ensemble in a strapless bandage dress by Fendi. Not only was the dress itself in a much more subdued colour than much of her Barbie wardrobe, but the look also only featured very minimal jewellery, another detail that sets it apart from the often meticulously accessorized Barbie looks.

Robbie’s record of on-point Barbie-inspired looks has created a standard for method dressing that other stars will undoubtedly try to emulate for years to come — and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing many more perfectly pink doll-like looks from Robbie in the future as well. It is a Barbie world, after all.

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