Blac Chyna Shares the Workouts Behind Her Mental and Physical Transformation


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In a post celebrating one year with her trainer, Chyna shared a compilation of videos from their workouts together, and it’s clear that they’re focused on building tons of strength in her lower body, back, and core. It’s also a testament to her dedication; clearly, Chyna’s been putting in the work — and if that wasn’t enough, from the look of the videos, she often trains often super early in the morning.

The video included clips of Chyna on the leg press machine and leg extension machine, doing barbell deadlifts and squats, resistance-band ab work, weighted glute bridges, cable machine rows, walking lunges, curtsy lunges, split squats, bicep curls, single-arm rows, shoulder presses, cable machine tricep push-downs, dead bugs, and chest presses with a leg lift.

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