BEST Strength Training Routine for Women Over 40 (+ Free Workout Plan!)


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Want to burn fat and build strength over 40? I tailored this Home Workout Plan for Weight Loss and Toning for you. Get the free plan weekly workout routine here:

It’s a weekly women’s strength training plan that will make you feel better and get fitter as fast as possible. Women lose muscle mass at an average of up to 1% per year over age 40 which can slow your metabolism and make weight loss much more difficult than it needs to be if you don’t incorporate strength training over 40.

Whether you’re new to fitness or fully experienced, these workouts for women over 40 will help you get healthier and feel more confident with targeted strength training exercises designed to improve health, strength and fat loss fast – without even leaving your home!

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Hi I’m JJ, welcome to my channel! If you’re looking to lose weight, boost energy and look and feel fit over 40, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the healthy recipes, nutrition education and the important information you need to achieve healthy weight loss that stays off.

I’m a triple-board certified health expert, Fitness Hall of Famer & 4x New York Times best-selling author. My team and I help people over 40 lose the weight and keep it off, so they look and feel better than ever.

I’ve discovered that by finding your food intolerances and working out a whole lot less, you can create a healthy lifestyle customized to your personal body chemistry and needs.

On this channel me and my team of world class diet, nutrition and wellness experts give you the information and tools you need to achieve healthy weight loss. Healthy recipes that taste great, fitness routines that work for beginners and gym bunnies alike, and simplified nutrition information based on science and not the latest fad diet.


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