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I don’t know about you but, I have not had a great start to the year at alllll! I’ve been so inconsistent with my food and training resulting to me feeling not the best. I love routine and being consistent, it’s what makes me feel and perform the best! I hope this video inspires you to get up meal prep, set your intentions right for the week and truly do this for you as you deserve to feel great.


✅Chicken: Jerk & chicken seasoning, slowly folded in a frying pan with olive oil!
✅ Salmon: olive oil, salt, pepper & lemon, over bake for 30 mins
✅ Potatoes: olive oil, salt, oregano, oven bake 45 mins
✅ Greens: simmer for 4 mins, add lemon juice only
✅ Oats: @womensbest fudge power powder (link in bio to order!), cinnamon, peanut butter and fruit of choice

Have you or will you meal prep 👀👇


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