10-minute Yoga for Beginners | FULL BODY YOGA STRETCH | Daily Yoga Routine | Dr. Hansaji


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In this video, Dr Hansaji Yogendra who has years of experience will guide viewers through a beginner-friendly asana sequence designed to energize, center, and relax the mind and body.

It breaks the misconception that “Yoga is not meant for me” and “I can’t do Yoga!”

Dr. Hansaji reassures Yoga is for everyone! and that there are numerous benefits of practicing yoga, both for the mind and body.

This 10-minute asana sequence, which includes a range of standing, sitting, and lying down postures are suitable for beginners who are in good health.

You will learn how to perform postures such as Talasana 2, Konasana 2, Standing Vakrasana, Yoga Mudra, Parvatasana, Bhujangasana, Yashtikasana, Pavanmuktasana, Hastapadangushtasana, and Sukhasana.

But we must always remember to understand the importance of listening to one’s body and only pushing oneself to a comfortable level. This approach makes the sequence accessible to a wide range of viewers, regardless of their level of experience with yoga.

Let us assure you that by doing this series one will feel more relaxed, centered, and energized and you will carry this sense of calm and centeredness throughout their day.

In addition to the physical benefits of practicing yoga, one must understand the mental and emotional benefits.

By doing these asanas in the morning, we can reduce our dullness or “tamas” and start your day with high energy levels. Practicing yoga regularly can also help to be more mindful and calmer in situations that are challenging.

Overall, this video is a perfect introduction to yoga for beginners who want to experience the benefits of this ancient practice. By following along with the 10-minute asana sequence, viewers will learn how to connect with their body and breath, reduce stress, and cultivate a greater sense of wellbeing.

Time stamp –

0:52- talasana 2
1:33- Konasana 2
2:14- standing vakrasana
2:43- yoga mudra
3:06- parvatasana
3:31- Bhujangasana
4:08- yastikasana
4:45- pawanmuktasana
5:16- hastpadangushtanasna
5:53- sukhasana

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