15 Simple Yet Effective Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home


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Looking to get in an effective ab workout at home? Great news: if you don’t belong to a gym or have access to workout equipment, at-home bodyweight workouts can be just as challenging. And that’s especially true when it comes to working your abs. For an amazing core burn, all you need are a mat (or a comfortable floor), your own bodyweight, and the right moves — and you know we’ve got you covered with that last one. Keep reading for 15 easy ab exercises that are simple to learn but actually really challenging (and super effective).

Choose three to five of these bodyweight ab exercises to create your own at-home ab workout. Mix them up so you work different parts of your core, including your lower abs, upper abs, obliques (the sides of your abdomen), and transverse abdominis (your deep abdominal muscles). You’ll see classic moves like plank variations, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and Pilates-inspired moves (such as double leg lifts and the Pilates swimming move that targets your back muscles — which are also part of your core!). If you need some guidance on how to put these easy ab exercises together into a routine, try this quick bodyweight ab workout that uses six of the moves listed here.

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