Full Week of Workouts | My Workout Routine With a 5 Day Split | New Merch Haul


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Full Week of Workouts | My Workout Routine With a 5 Day Split | New Merch Haul
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Hey Everyone! Enjoy my full week of workouts! I train 5 days a week!
Also, I’m sorry for the delay! I’ve been out traveling and didn’t have time to edit.

My Outfits: https://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton
Day One:
Adapt Animal Sports Bra (Black) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-BlackAnimalSportBra
Adapt Animal Leggings (Black) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-BlackAnimalLeggings
Day Two:
Scoop Neck Training Bra (Green) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-ScoopNeckTrainingBra
Loose Training Shorts -(sold out)
Day Three:
Light Pink Camo Shorts – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-PinkCamoShorts
Light Pink Camo Bra – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-PinkCamoBra
Day Four:
Vital Rise Leggings (Light Grey) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-GreyVitalRiseLeggings
Ruched Training Bra (White) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-WhiteRuchedBra
Day Five:
Vital Seamless Shorts (Pink) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-PinkVitalShorts
Sports Bra Launches 6.24!!

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xo, Britt

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