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Week of Workouts! My current workout routine/workout split! I am currently bulking right now as of November 1st and I’m so excited for this journey!y new workout split is lower body focused with a glute focus! Ya girl is wanting to grow them glutes & strong legs!

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My workout split: this is how it usually is but it got messed up because I couldn’t get through my workout on the Monday. But this is what my workout split would be on a typical week.
Abs workout 4 times a week on days I feel like it
Monday: upper body
Tuesday: glute focus
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: quad focused leg day
Friday: upper body day
Saturday: glute focused leg day
Sunday: rest day or I do whatever workout was next of the 3

Upper body workout:
Bent over barbell row || 8 reps x 3 sets
Bicep curl shoulder press || 8 reps x 3 sets
Bent over single row || 6-8 reps x 3 sets
Horizontal pull || 8 reps x 3 sets

Booty day:
Heavy hip thrusts || 8 reps x 4-5sets
Back extension || 8 reps x 4 sets
Landmine RDLs || 8 reps x 4 sets
Dumbbell sumo squats || 8-10 reps x 4 sets

Ab circuit 1:
Weighted reverse crunches || 30 seconds
Plank dips || 30 seconds
Plank reach || 30 seconds each side
Toe taps || 30 seconds

Leg day: (quad focus)
Superset 1:
Front squats || 8 reps x4 sets
Jumping lunges || 12 reps x 4 sets
Superset 2:
Bulgarian split squats || 8 reps each side x 4
Jumping split squats || 6 reps each side x 4

Heel raise close stance squats || 8 reps x4 sets
Reverse lunges || 8 reps each leg x 4 sets

An circuit 2:
Weighted sit ups || 30 seconds
Single side reverse crunch || 30 seconds
Plank up downs || make sure to switch the starting side half way || 30 seconds
Plank dips || 30 seconds

Booty Day Workout 2:
Cable pull through-replaced hip thrusts because gym was busy || 8-10 reps x 5 sets
Cable kickbacks || 8 reps each side x 4 sets
Cable abductions || 8 reps each side x4 sets
Stiff leg deadlift || 8 reps x 4 sets
Double banded hip thrusts || 8-10 reps x 4 sets
Single side glute bridge || 8 reps each side x 4 sets

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Love you xx

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